Le Jog
Riding for Rita

 03 April 2019
Le Jog

On Sunday 12th May we embark on probably the biggest (or at least longest!) physical challenge of our lives so far. It started for me with an opportunity for some time away from work and a desire to do something new, which ideally benefitted others in some way as well. After a few tentative emails to my friend and former work colleague Gemma, we had hatched a plan to do LE JOG together in aid of ‘Vetlife’, a charity which meant a lot to both of us, following the tragic death of a mutual friend last year.

Then the training began in earnest. Initially some winter rides when the weather was bearable, interspersed with sessions on the Turbo trainer. The only good thing about the latter being it’s a good excuse to watch TV or loose yourself in some motivating music!

As the weather has improved along with the daylight hours, I have been doing most of my training outside and slowly upped the mileage. It has been a steep learning curve: adapting to a road bike, mastering ‘clip-in shoes’ and researching all the equipment I need before the big ride.

Gemma and I have met up for a few longer rides at weekends and exchanged many texts and emails to organise fundraising, travel plans and clothing. We planned some time ago to ride around the Isle of Wight on Easter Saturday and were rewarded with a lovely sunny day and very little wind. With only a few more weeks of training left, we are hoping the good weather continues! We are excited at the prospect of seeing so much of the country, even if 1000 miles and a lot of hills still seems quite a daunting prospect. We are lucky to have so many supportive friends and colleagues and are well on the way to achieving our fundraising target.

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