18 February 2021
General Information

Although you are permitted to travel to access veterinary services, the overall message of the national lockdown is to stay at home. To be responsible we will therefore assess cases in that context and exercise clinical judgement as to what constitutes essential animal health and welfare during the lockdown. This includes providing veterinary care to prevent an animal health and welfare issue, as well as to address a current issue. In some cases, it will be appropriate to delay things for the duration of the lockdown.


Dogs and cats

Puppy and kitten vaccination courses CAN go ahead.

FIRST annual booster - as this is important to complete the primary vaccination course we will be doing these.  

ALL OTHER BOOSTERS - As the core vaccine lasts 3 years, and there is a little leeway on this we are not currently doing other routine boosters. If your pet is getting close to being 3 months overdue and you are in or walk in a rat infested area then please email us.

Rabies vaccination - this is currently only being done if you are being repatriated back to a different country or if you are in the middle of emigrating.


It is crucial that rabbit vaccines do not go far over the booster vaccination date, hence we will also be booking in rabbit vaccinations. 


Vaccinations will still be going ahead. 




We will not be doing any routine neutering of dogs during lockdown that is not already booked in. If you feel that this would be creating a welfare issue in your specific situation please email us on


In the majority of circumstances it is possible to keep a kitten inside for a few more weeks and neutering is not urgent, however if you have 2 young cats of opposite sex, or cannot keep your kitten inside then we will consider individual cases. Please email us in those cirmcumstances.


Timing of neutering is crucial so we will book these in


Again this is being considered on a case by case basis. As you can imagine this is a procedure where it is very difficult to keep socially distant. Please email for us to consider the individual circumstances.


Non-essential consults such as routine nail clips/ weight checks etc will be temporarily suspended.

All previously booked surgeries will be honoured but no further routine dentistry or dog neutering will be booked, unless after discussion with a vet it is deemed a welfare or health issue to wait a month.

We will continue to offer video and phone consultations for things such as skin complaints, post-op checks, repeat medicine checks if your pet is stable (for most medications), mild dental complaints, triage of wounds/ lumps, general advice on mild gastrointestinal upsets, non severe lameness.

Video/ phone consults are only £30.

More serious cases will still be seen at the practice as before.

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