CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19) Important Information and Updates - Please Read.

Seadown Equine Hospital and Coronavirus

 17 March 2020

Everyone is naturally concerned about the current situation, so we hope the following guidance is clear and helpful for our equine clients.
Inevitably, the situation is changing rapidly but we will try and post regular updates to answer any queries and concerns. We continue to be guided by the most recent government information and advice.

Please be aware that we are not currently aware of any evidence that horses can be infected or transmit COVID-19.

Here at Seadown Equine we are taking strict precautions to ensure that we can continue to service your needs and take care of your animals. Our equine receptionists are also continuing to take all calls and queries.

Inevitably, there may be some unavoidable disruption to routine services but we will endeavour to do our best and keep these to a minimum, please bear with us.

Our precautions include:

  • Our equine vets mainly working remotely
  • Observing all the NHS COVID-19 health information and advice
  • Ensuring social-distancing between staff, and between staff and clients as much as we possible e.g. visits to the hospital and to inpatients must be by prior appointment and visitors to avoid waiting in reception but stay in vehicles until called
  • On vet visits, we will endeavour to carry out procedures in the open air whenever possible
  • Ensuring we have sufficient veterinary stock in place to meet the needs of our vets and nurses during this period
  • Looking into the possibility of some online consultations, we will keep you updated on our progress

How you can help

We would respectfully ask our clients to help us by kindly observing the following:

  • If you are showing potential symptoms of coronavirus such a fever and/or a cough, or you have been in contact with a person known to have the virus and/or you are self-isolating, that you advise us of this situation when calling
  • That you follow the recommended NHS health information and advice for virus prevention
  • When a vet visit is requested that a minimum number of people be present at the appointment with ideally no children present
  • That if your health status changes FOLLOWING a vet visit, or after an appointment is arranged, that you let us know immediately
  • If you need to come to the hospital for any reason e.g collect veterinary supplies, please call ahead so the necessary precautions can be taken and use the hand sanitisers provided
  • For obvious reasons, we'd like to avoid cash payments, so if applicable, please bring a bank or credit card for payment

Rest assured that here at Seadown we remain dedicated and passionate to support you and your animals.

The above is intended as helpful information and precautionary action, necessary to support our staff and services and to keep everyone safe.

We firmly believe that by working together and by supporting one another, we can get through this tricky time.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support, it means a lot to us all.

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