Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

CVS (UK) Ltd and its associated companies (together 'CVS'), provide services that have the potential to impact in some way on the environment. These include, but are not limited to, the examination and treatment of animals, the disposal of cadavers, the generation and disposal of clinical waste and the use of chemicals in performing diagnostic laboratory tests for animals under its care which could all pose an environmental risk.
'CVS' is committed to minimising the impact upon the planet of the services it and its associated companies provide in a way that supports and develops its services and clinical expertise.

Through the 'CVS' Environment Social Governance Committee (ESG), the company has adopted protocols, procedures and practices to minimise such risks and to ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation. In some cases it uses external inspectors to verify the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems it employs. As a company 'CVS' constantly looks for continuous improvement in all of its processes, utilising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ('UNSDG's') framework to underpin its strategy.

The following objectives are key to successful environmental management:

Comply with, and where possible exceed, current legislative requirements

Integrate environmental objectives into the everyday management of the business, such as adding electric vehicles and capping C02 emissions for its new fleet; promoting responsible sourcing, choosing suppliers who use sustainable packaging

Stimulate debate on environmental issues within the different areas of our business via the ESG Committee

Identify and implement measures that will reduce the environmental impact of our business, particularly in the area of the generation and disposal of hazardous waste

Investigate and implement measures that will reduce our energy consumption, such as switching to 100% renewable electricity sources in UK Veterinary Practices

Monitor and measure the impact of CVS (UK) Ltd on the environment by reporting emissions via the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting scheme ('SECR') and other greenhouse gases (including anaesthetics) not covered by SECR

Identify and implement measures to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint

Partner with the National Trust and participate in tree planting initiatives

Encourage communication on all relevant environmental issues with employees, clients, suppliers and all those who have an interest in our business

This policy will be renewed periodically, or if any significant changes are made to either legislation or the organisation's Management structure. Any changes will be communicated accordingly.