Ophthalmology Referrals

Unlike other veterinary practices in the New Forest area, Seadown also offers an excellent ophthalmology referral service for equines and all small animals

This means that if your horse, dog, cat or small animal companion has a particularly challenging eye case, or one which requires specialised equipment or attention, your own family vet may suggest you pay us a visit.  It is important that such cases are referred to us direct from your own vet and we ask that you do not attend our referral ophthalmology clinic without their prior knowledge. This is because we need your animal’s clinical history and to be able to report back and liaise with your own vet about further treatment options.

Our referral service offers a comprehensive and up to date range of diagnostic equipment, including ophthalmoscopes, slit-lamps and tonometers. We also carry out advanced ocular surgery including treatment of eyelid deformities, corneal ulcers, lens luxations and cataracts. The Seadown referral operating microscope provides excellent magnification of the eye and allows use of fine surgical instruments and suture material.

This special ophthalmology referral service is run by two of the Seadown clinical leads: Kate McMorris and Anna Jennings who are both Advanced Practitioners in veterinary ophthalmology.  

It's a highly respected and busy referral service undertaking both the everyday and also the more advanced surgical procedures.  The ophthalmology referral service at Seadown was originally founded by Ian Mason who has now retired as a Seadown partner but still visits the practice on a regular basis to undertake any additional eye referrals and as part of the BVA/KC certification scheme to screen puppies and examine pedigree dogs for inherited eye defects.

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