Equine Veterinary Services

Equine Veterinary Services


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Airway Endoscopy

Sometimes your horse may need a detailed examination of its respiratory system, this is best carried out using an endoscope. We have a portable endoscopy unit which means we can examine your horse out on the yard or at our hospital to help diagnose and treat any respiratory disorders. (Mains electric is required for this procedure to take place)

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Castrations are a routinely performed surgical procedure undertaken either out at your field/yard or at our hospital. In most cases the operation is carried out under standing sedation, occasionally a short general anaesthetic is required. We offer discounted rates during our “castration clinic days” in the Spring and Autumn, please call us for further information.

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Dental care of our equines is vitally important and our team are all experienced in performing a thorough dental examination and using the latest equipment to ensure that your horse has a comfortable mouth to keep them in the best condition but to maximise their performance under saddle. We can undertake both the routine dental care of your horse but are also equipped to deal with more complex problems.

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The symptoms of gastric ulceration can be wide ranging and the only way to be sure if ulcers are present is by performing a gastroscopic examination. We have a portable gastroscope which enables us to fully evaluate your horse's stomach for the presence of gastric ulcers either out on your yard or at the hospital.

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Geriatric Healthcare

At Seadown we really care about looking after the health of our ageing equines. Our vets are all experienced in managing horses and ponies with multiple health issues and we like to take a preventative approach to geriatric health care if possible. We will ensure that we can develop a health regime for your elderly horse or pony to maximise their quality of life, we have many ponies which we look after which are still enjoying life well into their 30's!

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JMB Measuring

Gillies Moffatt is an official measurer for the JMB. Full details of the rules and procedures can be found on the JMB website.


We provide a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service for lameness. We are happy to fully evaluate your horse at your own yard or at our hospital in Hythe, all of our diagnostic equipment is portable and we have access to the latest treatments including stem cell implantation and shock-wave therapy.

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Ophthalmology Referrals

We have three specialist ophthalmologists at Seadown. We take eye referrals from surrounding practices and further afield. Our in-patient facilities and nursing team mean we can treat and manage the most complex ophthalmology cases.

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Reproductive Services

We are able to perform pregnancy diagnosis at the hospital and out on the yard with our portable ultrasound machine. We are experienced in AI using both chilled and frozen semen. We can undertake pre-breeding examinations and post foaling checks of both mare and foal.

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Our experienced equine team at Seadown are happy to undertake a comprehensive examination of any horse or pony you are looking to purchase. We can perform the examination at the vendors yard or we can examine the horse at our hospital.

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Worming is a key part of preventative healthcare in your horse. At Seadown we provide worming advice along with packages for both targeted and interval based worming for individual horse owners and whole yards. Backed up by our in-house lab we can provide same day results for faecal worm egg counts. We are happy to discuss worming with you and provide the most suitable programme for your horse or yard.

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Routine Health Visit Scheme

The Routine Health Visit Scheme includes all routine procedures such as, vaccinations, dentals, blood tests and microchipping etc.
A visit can be any day, morning or afternoon, as preferred.  It is not possible however, to choose a specific vet.
The price for a single procedure visit is £30.  If 2 or more procedures are required, or two clients share a visit, the fee is £20.

Seadown Equine Veterinary Products

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