Why Choose Us?

At Seadown as you might expect, we have advanced practitioners, certificate holders, an eye referral service, highly qualified and committed nursing staff, up to date equipment, great facilities and the important RCVS approved hospital. BUT we think that there are other elements that are just as important when making a decision why you should choose us.  Namely:

Established History

A long established and trusted history of proudly serving the people, pets and animals of the New Forest area and beyond for almost 100 years.  Seadown are so grateful that many of our clients have now been with us through 3 generations of their own family. 


Dedicated to caring for all animals as if they were our own - everything from domestic pets, to native ponies and competition horses, even the indigenous wildlife.  It means a busy mixed practice but we love it.

Exemplary Service

Providing an exemplary service to the wider professional animal community too, from sea to forest, including the working police and dockyard dogs and the military dogs at Marchwood

Nominated Veterinary Practice

Proud to be the longstanding and nominated veterinary practice for the New Forest people and animals.  In every respect, Seadown is deeply embedded in the forest ways and activities, providing honorary veterinary services to the New Forest Pony Breeders and Commoners Defence Society, along with involvement in the annual stallion passing, breed show, point-to-point and welfare tours.  Then there is veterinary cover at the New Forest Show every Summer.  There is never a dull moment


Demonstrating the highest level of compassion and patient care which goes above and beyond the call of duty which is why Seadown also works with all the major animal charities and we go the extra mile by taking in stray dogs, helping cat rescue, re-homing and setting up a collection to raise funds for those unable to afford treatment for their pets

Loyal and Dedicated Team

Of course, Seadown would not be anything without the loyalty and dedication of its own people.  The amazing vets, nurses, auxiliaries and staff for whom the Seadown family is everything.   ‘I love working at Seadown’, ‘a family place’, ‘like home’, ‘supportive and protective’.  Everyone at Seadown works as a team.

Continued Professional Development

Seadown believes in continual professional development and in nuturing and supporting all staff with recognised training  Also, in continually enhancing CPD training, services and facilities to meet the ever changing needs of our staff, patients and our clients. Stability is also created by taking in new younger partners who find the work rewarding and certificate study is also encouraged.