Pets and Small Animal Veterinary Services

Pets and Small Animal Veterinary Services

24 Hour Facilities

Seadown Veterinary Services provides its own 24-hour emergency service. This is manned by our own vets and nurses throughout the year including weekends and bank holidays and operates from the Hythe hospital. Enhanced fees apply to all out of hours consultations and treatments.


Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure is an important consideration in companion animal medicine. It has implications in heart disease, kidney disease, ophthalmology, anaesthesia and use of medicines, and is especially important in cats.

Download Blood Pressure Monitoring Information Sheet


We offer routine consultations by appointment at our surgeries in Hythe, Totton and Lymington throughout the day, Monday to Friday.

To book an appointment please call 02380 842237


Dental Attention

Periodontal disease (disease of the teeth and associated structures) is a common problem in veterinary practice. Owners are often unaware that their animals have dental problems, until signs such as bad breath, drooling and difficulty eating become apparent – by which time dental disease may be advanced.

Download Dental Attention Information Sheet

Flea Treatment

Although now a year round problem, as the weather starts to warm up we find the incidence of flea problems in dogs and cats will increase. We offer a consultation specifically covering flea treatment options. The consultation is a lesser fee to a full veterinary exam. Please ask for more information.

Food and Nutrition

As a Practice, we are confident in recommending the Royal Canin range of foods for cats and dogs. These are available to buy or order from each of our surgeries.

Download Food and Nutrition Information Sheet

Laboratory Services

We have our own well equipped laboratory based at the Hospital in Frost Lane, Hythe. We have two experienced lab technicians that run the lab. This enables us to analyse your pet’s samples quickly and efficiently 24 hours a day. The results of these tests are then interpreted by your vet, who will discuss them with you.

Download Laboratory Services Information Sheet


Microchipping is now a legal requirement in dogs. It is a sterile implant about the size of a grain of rice. Each microchip has an individual number which corresponds to your pet and the contact information you provide. In dogs and cats the chip is inserted beneath the skin between the shoulder blades, and does not require an anaesthetic.

Download Microchipping Information Sheet


Neutering services will vary with the type of pet.  Please check the information sheet below for details about neutering your dog, cat or rabbit.

Download Neutering Information Sheet

Nurse Clinics

Our nursing team are extremely important in the everyday running of the practice. They admit and dismiss animals to and from the hospital for operations, care for in-patients and monitor animals under sedation and general anaesthetic. Our nuse team also run consultations and cover topics like: weight advice, flea and worm advice, nail clipping, de-matting, anal glands and much more. 

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Socialisation is important because puppies and other young animals experience a sensitive period when very young.  It starts once the puppy is weaned and lasts until approximately 14 weeks of age.  Please check the information sheet below for further details.

Download Puppy Socialisation Classes Information Sheet

Surgical Procedures

Our vets have a wide variety of surgical knowledge and experience. We are a fully equipped hospital, with 2 air-conditioned operating theatres with piped-gas. Digital xrays, ultrasound and endoscopy, together with pre-operative blood tests allow for preparation of surgical cases.

Download Surgical Procedures Information Sheet

Time to Say Goodbye

One of the hardest parts of being a pet owner can be when your pet is coming towards the end of its life. This may be as a result of old age, or because your animal is seriously unwell. Some animals die naturally, but in other situations it may be you choose to have your animal ‘put to sleep’ because you feel there is no longer a good quality of life, or it is suffering.

Download Time to say Goodbye Information Sheet

Ultrasound System

We now have a BCF LOGICe machine and several vets with an particular interest in ultrasound. We also have a selection of probes, a doppler & ECG tracer for cardiac scans.

Download Ultrasound System Information Sheet


Vaccination in animals induces immunity against a number of potentially life-threatening diseases and is part of responsible pet ownership.

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Both roundworms and tapeworms are common in cats and dogs and may cause poor condition, increased appetite and weight loss.

Download Worming Programme Information Sheet


Taking radiographs is an essential part of any practice we use a digital processor which allows us to perform good quality x-rays relatively quickly.