Tommo rocks on after eye operation
James Westgate, Vet Times

Things are looking up for a horse rushed to a veterinary practice with a severe laceration of its lower eyelid.

A 21-year-old Welsh cob named Tommo was rushed to Seadown Veterinary Services’ equine hospital in Hythe, near Southampton, with – as his owner described – “his left eyelid dangling by side of his face”.

Thorn injury
The injury had been caused by a thorn that had torn Tommo’s eyelid margin – something that, if left untreated, could have led to irritation to the surface of the eye and corneal ulcers.

Thankfully, one of Seadown’s equine vets, Breda McDonagh, was on the scene within the hour and referred Tommo to the nearby hospital.

Fresh wound
On arriving at Seadown, Anna Jennings – Seadown’s ophthalmology vet and a practice director – was on hand to take over the treatment.

She said: “Luckily, the wound was still very fresh when my colleague Breda was called out to examine him. He was admitted to our equine hospital that evening, where he underwent surgery under standing sedation to repair the damage.

“Fortunately, the eyelid healed well and without any complications.”

Truly fantastic
Tommo’s owner Kate Collison said: “Hats off to all at Seadown who were, quite frankly, truly fantastic – from the nurse who was so comforting when we arrived and I was so upset; to Anna Jennings, the hugely skilful ophthalmology surgeon who worked so brilliantly and put two rows of stitches in the eyelid; to Breda McDonagh the equine vet, who called every three days after the surgery to monitor Tommo’s progress; and everyone there who helped.”

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