Cat cute enough to stop traffic
Jon Coates, Sunday Express

Cat cute enough to stop traffic

A TINY Kitten narrowly saved from being crushed by cars on a busy motorway has been adopted by a vet who fell in love with her.

The four-week-old black long-haired kitten, called Monica Zoom Zoom by new owner Laura Trigg, had been abandoned in the middle lane of the M27 near Southampton two weeks ago.

Trucker Richard Tubbs, 44, spotted "a little black thing on the tarmac" of the road after a silver car in front of him pulled away in stop-start-traffic.

He said he was about to release his brakes and pull away when he saw the then-two-week-old kitten move, with a queue of cars having passed over without crushing her. Mr Tubbs jumped down from his cab and scoopped up the lucky kitten in his fleece top.

She was taken to Seadown Vets in The New Forest, who hand-fed her baby cat milk every two to three hours for a week until she could eat solid foods.

While helping feed her, equine vet Laura fell in love with the kitten so has given her a home saying: "It was a truly compassionate act by a kind man to stop his lorry and save this little kitten. Everyone at Seadown can't thank him enough for giving little Monica a chance at life."

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