Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

Seadown have always taken hygiene and health risks seriously but given the changing situation regarding this new coronavirus, we thought it might be helpful to make formal statement and provide a few details.

It is understandable that you may have questions about the animal transmission of this virus, Covid19.

The World Organisation for Animal Health states that 'There is no evidence that companion animals, such as dogs, play a role in the spread of this human disease or that they become sick'

Naturally, here in the practice and on visits, we will be washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces regularly as always, and we ask that our clients also wash their hands regularly in accordance with advice given by the NHS and when visiting the practice.  Washing your hands and doing your best to disinfect surfaces around you are the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Advice for pet owners diagnosed with Covid-19
If you have any immediate concerns that you may have coronavirus, or if you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, we advise calling NHS 111, please do not come into the practice with your pet(s) if you believe you may have contracted the disease.

You should also Inform your local health protection team that there is a pet (or pets) in the household. They will liaise with the relevant animal health authorities.  Please restrict contact with pets as a precautionary animal health measure until more information is known about the virus.  If your pet requires care, wash your hands before and after any interaction with them, and wear a face mask if possible.

In the very unlikely event that your pet shows clinical signs, please do not bring it in to the Seadown practice; please ring us for further advice. 

News surrounding the global spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is changing rapidly and we will do our best to keep you up to date as soon as we are notified of changes in the status of the disease or in the status of NHS and government advice.

Thank you and please stay safe during these difficult times.

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