Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

In order for us to protect our clients and colleagues, since March 2020 we have had to make some changes to the way we operate. This will help us to play our part in reducing the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) transmission.


Our colleagues are facing the same challenges many people are experiencing right now, like self-isolating and home-schooling, we are therefore working with fewer staff than normal and this can change from day to day. Veterinary staff are not classed as key workers thus school places are not available for most, however as an essential business we need to stay open! Thus many of our staff are also trying to home school alongside a full-time and demanding job!


Rest assured we are still here to see emergencies, unwell pets, and those that have gone overdue on their vaccinations and are at risk of losing their protection, but if you do need to contact us, please bear in mind that our wait times may be longer than normal. Please accept our apologies for this.

Remember also that any examination/ operation for your pet means that we have to get within the 1m distance to our colleagues for prolonged periods of time. We are wearing full PPE within the building to protect ourselves from each other. 


Our guidelines are that we still can work for animal welfare  reasons, but that if we can help remotely we should do so, thus our remote consultations are still available, cheaper and can be booked via our website. 50% of things can be dealt with remotely, without the need to leave your house, and 25% more just involve collecting medication. Some things though, really do need a more hands on examination.


We  kindly ask that if you do need to visit one of our branches, you follow current government advice and observe social distancing. We also request, for the safety of our staff and other clients, that you wear a mask unless you have a valid reason not to.

You can still keep in touch - we can still answer the phone, but as this can get incredibly busy we still have all the other ways.

Email - this is checked continually through the day. Enquiries for the vets are dealt with as and when the vets have time, so if it is urgent we would suggest you book an appointment instead (this can be by phone or video - you can book these on “Book appointment” on our website ).  Insurance enquiries are forwarded to Trish and Alison, who are in all week processing your claims. Invoice questions go to Jan or Wendy who are working from home. Email us here

Pets app - this little app has been a godsend. Our clients have been able to create a “chat” with us, asking questions, sending photos and videos, making payments, organising medications etc. We even have a weekly update from one little kitten who has been Team 2’s mascot throughout this time! Download Pets app here

On-line booking - this  has been working really well. This is now open to book all sorts of appointment,   there is also the facility to pre-authorise your card so that you can pay easily after your appointment. Book online now

Repeat medication ordering - you can  now order this online, book a collection slot or postage, and pre-authorise your card for payment. You will receive a text when the medication is ready. Order medication here 

Video consulting platform - After booking an appointment and authorising payment, you are sent an email link  - this gives you access ,at your appointment time , to our vet, who is often working remotely. We do find sometimes having pre-recorded videos and photos sent across beforehand can help - it is amazing how many of our patients disappear when the video consult starts! 

Phone - we can still take phone calls, so if you cannot access us in any other way, or need urgent attention please still call - however please also be patient if the phone is engaged or you are held in a queue.

So keep in touch and know that we are still here for you and your pets, but contact might still be slightly different to normal. Our priority has to be about being able to treat your pets, while keeping you and our staff safe while taking our part in helping beat this virus!

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