COVID19 Lockdown - Do cats need to stay indoors?

COVID19 Lockdown - Do cats need to stay indoors?

There has been lots of speculation about whether or not animals can become infected and can transmit this virus, culminating in a report this morning suggesting we all keep our cats indoors.

PLEASE NOTE - we are being briefed continually on this subject and when there is some evidence to report we will let you know.

HOWEVER - what IS known is that any animal can act as a fomite - this means it can act like any surface that can transmit disease such as door handles/ cardboard etc - thus if your animal is likely to come into contact or is stroked by a person who is infected with COVID 19, there is a small chance that the virus could be spread. Thus if your cat visits lots of different houses it may be sensible to keep it indoors for the time being. Also, just as important is that you observe basic hand washing hygiene, and if you are infected yourself with COVID 19 it would be sensible to stay away from your pets as much as possible.

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