Hampshire dog meets canine blood donor who saved her life
Jo Kent, BBC South

Hampshire dog meets canine blood donor who saved her life

A dog whose blood count fell dangerously low has met the canine blood donor who saved her life.

Poppy, a maltipoo, was highly anaemic when she had the late-night operation at Seadown Veterinary Hospital in Hythe, Hampshire, in November.

Otto, a Korthals Griffon, made his first-ever donation to save her because the practice had no blood in stock.

His owner Nariece Acworth, who works as a pharmacist at the hospital, said she was "incredibly proud".

She said the operation took place just weeks after Otto turned one, the minimum age for canine blood donations.

Poppy's owner Sue Bray, from Totton, said her Maltese-poodle cross, then aged nine, was a "different dog" the next day.

Mrs Bray said: "She's been the most energetic I've ever known her. [Without the operation] she would have died. You could tell by her breathing.

"I loved meeting Otto, just to say thank you."

She said the decision to have the procedure was a "no-brainer", even though the combined cost of Poppy's care without pet insurance is nearing £2,000.

Ms Acworth said the practice's usual supplier - the Pet Blood Bank charity - had struggled for donations since the Covid pandemic.

Sian Anderson, from the charity, said: "Unfortunately, blood's an ever-growing demand so we also want more animals to come along to sessions."

Supplies of positive type dog blood are usually very healthy while stocks of negative type blood are often low, according to the charity's website.

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