New Forest: Vet mends broken bone by using ball as cast
Chris Yandell, Daily Echo

New Forest: Vet mends broken bone by using ball as cast

 A New Forest vet has told how half a tennis ball helped a chicken recover from a fractured toe.

The ball acted as a cast, enabling the broken bone to knit together, after five-year-old Suzy suddenly flew up and landed heavily.

Her owner, Fay Stafford, took her to Seadown Veterinary Services in Frost Lane, Hythe.

One of the vets, Hannah Buteux, said: "Suzy was brought in to see us because she couldn't put any weight on her right foot."

Hannah examined the chicken and discovered she had broken a bone in her central toe.

 "Her owner was worried it might mean Suzy would need to be put to sleep.  However, I had successfully used a tennis ball to help with a similar injury.

"We gave Suzy pain relief and her foot was splinted by using a cut-down ball.  It was kept on for three weeks and, with careful care from her dedicated owner, she made a full recovery.

"We couldn’t be more delighted to see such positive results and a very happy Suzy and owner – every pet deserves a chance."

 Fay, who lives in the New Forest, added: "I was incredibly worried that I would hear the worst news when I took Suzy to Seadown.

"But Hannah was truly amazing - she really has a gift.

"I couldn't believe it when she said she could fix the foot with a tennis ball. I usually have one in the car for the dogs but the Seadown receptionist had one in her car.

"Hannah simply cut it in half and hey presto Suzy had a perfect cast.

"Three weeks later she's back with her friends and I couldn't be happier or more pleased. 

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