Rescued Fox has Sight Restored
Antonella Lazzeri, New Milton Advertiser

Rescued Fox has Sight Restored

A fox cub which had been blinded by cataracts has its sight restored by Seadown Vets after being rescued by Fox Angels.

A FOX cub blinded by cataracts has had its sight restored after undergoing a delicate operation at Seadown Vets in the New Forest.

It is believed to be the first time ever the operation has been performed on a fox in the UK.

The animal had been discovered by members of the public “cowering in a corner” looking ill and anxious in Twickenham, London.

Charity Fox Angels, which cares for the wild animals, was called, and their team managed to locate the creature and catch it.

When examined by vets, the six-month-old cub was found to have severe cataracts and could

A spokesperson from Seadown said: “The young fox had no energy, showed no emotion and simply lay lifeless as people went about their busy lives.”

Without treatment, the fox was unlikely to live very long due to it not being able to hunt for food or avoid danger.

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