Stallion suspended on tree makes miraculous recovery
Eleanor Jones, Horse and Hound

Stallion suspended on tree makes miraculous recovery

The owner of a stallion who spent days hanging from a tree with all four feet off the ground has paid tribute to her vets – and the temperament of her horse.

Suzanne Kemp’s Bullhill Major suffered extensive wounds from the pressure of being stuck over the branch of a fallen beech in the New Forest last June. Seven months on, Suzanne told H&H, there is barely any sign of an issue.

Suzanne explained that as a stallion who had been licensed by the New Forest pony society, Major was out in the forest last summer. As the ponies are free to roam, they are not necessarily seen by their owners every day, although there is a network of people keeping an eye on them. So when it was noticed in June that Major had not been seen for a couple of hot days, Suzanne thought he may have gone deeper into the forest, where it was cooler.

But on 4 June, when Suzanne was planning to look for Major, she had a call from a forest agister.

“A couple of girls riding had found him – it was a traumatic find for them,” Suzanne said.

“He was like a war horse, draped over the tree. They wondered what he was doing, went for a closer look and the poor boy was stuck, all four feet off the ground.”

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