Sweet 16! Gigantic litter of Irish setter pups
Miles Dilworth, Daily Mail

Sweet 16! Gigantic litter of Irish setter pups equals a record after four-year-old dog gives birth by C-section.

They will soon need a basket each – but in the meantime this record litter of Irish setter puppies can still enjoy a snuggle together.

Owner Judi Frampton knew their mother Amelia was expecting a large brood but was astonished to find there were 16, equalling the record Irish setter litter registered with the Kennel Club. 

Amelia, four, gave birth to the puppies by caesarean at Seadown Veterinary Group's hospital in Hythe, Southampton. Unfortunately one of the pups was so small it did not survive.

Irish setters usually have litters of eight or nine at most, so Amelia's brood, born in April, were a surprise even to vet Louisa Weinfield, who performed the operation.

Miss Frampton, from North Baddesley near Southampton, said: 'Louisa and all the nurses at Seadown were amazing. They all mucked in and went the extra mile.'

Her huge litter, worth around £1,000 each, still fall far short of the world record for a dog.

That was set by Tia, a Neopolitan mastiff from Cambridgeshire, who gave birth to 24 pups in 2004.

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