Vets give gift of sight to blind fox Ricky
Paul Imrie, Vet Times

Vets give gift of sight to blind fox Ricky

A veterinary team has come to the aid of a young urban fox by performing what is thought to be the UK’s first cataract operation on the species.

The fox, named Ricky, had been spotted by worried members of the public cowering in a corner in Twickenham, London.

Charity Fox Angels was called and the animal, thought to be about six months old and that they named Ricky, was taken into their care before being moved to Seadown Veterinary Services for treatment.

Seeing well

Anna Jennings, Seadown clinical director and ophthalmology vet, said: “We found poor Ricky had cataracts in both eyes and was blind. Probably as a consequence of this, he was also very quiet and subdued.

“The charity was very committed to Ricky having surgery and Ricky had a general anaesthetic and both cataracts removed.

“It was the first time Kate McMorris, our vet and ophthalmic surgeon, had operated on a fox. All went well and Ricky has since been re-examined twice and appears to be seeing well, and much more keen to get outside – even playing with a ball, which has been wonderful to see.”

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