Lifetime Care Club for Dogs

Lifetime Care Club for Dogs

Seadown is pleased to offer the following cover

  • Home delivery of anti-paracitacide treatments
  • Annual vaccine/second vaccine of a course (the first vaccination will be at a 20% discount if you join before this)
  • All your dog needs to prevent fleas, lungworm, round worms, tape worms and ticks over the summer (various products available)
  • Monthly puppy checks till 6 months old with a nurse (these may be remote consultations if we are under covid restrictions)
  • Nurse puppy check at 9 months old or 6 months after vaccination for older dogs (these may be remote consultations if we are under covid restrictions)

Plus a wide range of other discounts:


20% off

  • Non-core vaccines (Kennel cough/ rabies)
  • Vaccicheck titre testing
  • Additional Seresto tick collar if needed

10% off

  • Dental treatments (not including anaesthetics)
  • Royal Canin Dog food
  • Neutering

And not forgetting a special, free welcome Seadown Pet tag!

Monthly Costs

Weight Cost
Dog  (0 - 25kg) £16.00
Large dog (25.1 - 40kg) £18.50
Extra large dog (> 40.1 kg) £25.50

These fees will equate to an average saving of a minimum of 25% for the basic treatments.

Please note:

  • The fees assume puppies will already have had their first vaccinations. If this is not the case, those signing up for the Lifetime Care Club before getting their pet, will receive a 20% discount off their first vaccination
  • Puppies, especially those of large breed dogs will clearly move through the weight categories quickly. In this event, members should anticipate that the DD fee charged will rise in accordance with the relevant weight bracket

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